Sunday 26 August 2017 // Philip Greenwood//How are the dead raised?


Sunday 22 October 2017//Luke Shaw//Plans,Purpose,Process


Sunday 15 October 2017//David Riddell//Adultery


Sunday 8 October 2017//Philip Greenwood//Do to Others Part 2


Sunday 1 October 2017//Philip Greenwood//Do to Others


Sunday 24 September 2017//Luke Shaw//Thou Shall Not Kill


Sunday 17 September 2017//Philip Greenwood//Made New


Sunday 10 September 2017//Philip Greenwood//Reset


Sunday 3 September 2017//Luke Shaw//Honour thy Father and Mother


Sunday 27 August 2017//Philip Greenwood//No Other Gods, No Idols


Sunday 20 August 2017//Philip Greenwood//The Made New Project


Sunday 6 August 2017//Philip Greenwood//A Life Worthy of the Calling


Sunday 30 July 2017//Philip Greenwood//Power through the Spirit


Sunday 23 July 2017//Philip Greenwood//I am the True Vine


Sunday 16 July 2017//Philip Greenwood//I am the Way, the Truth and the Life


Sunday 9 July 2017//Philip Greenwood//I am the Good Shepherd


Sunday 2 July 2017//Luke Shaw//I am the Gate for the Sheep


Sunday 25 June 2017//Bishop Richard Ellena//I am the Light of the World


Sunday 18 June 2017//Philip Greenwood//I am the Bread of Life


Sunday 4 June 2017//Philip Greenwood//Reflections


Sunday 23 April 2017//Philip Greenwood//Now What?


Sunday 9 April 2017//Philip Greenwood//Palm Sunday


Sunday 2 April 2017//Philip Greenwood//Discipleship to the Cross


Sunday 26 March 2017//Philip Greenwood//Disciples determined to follow Jesus


Sunday 19 March 2017//Philip Greenwood//Godliness and Contentment


Sunday 12 March 2017//Luke Shaw//Hopefully devoted to you…


Sunday 5 March 2017//Philip Greenwood//Going into Training


Sunday 12 February 2017//Philip Greenwood//Good Character


Sunday 5 February 2017//Luke Shaw//People of the Truth


Sunday 29 January 2017//Philip Greenwood//Who is the Good News For?


Sunday 18 December 2016//Philip Greenwood//I am the Lord’s servant


Sunday 4 December 2016//Eric Sears//Here’s Hoping


Sunday 27 November 2016//Luke Shaw//The Coming of the Lord


Sunday 20 November 2016//Philip Greenwood//Let’s Go Fishing


Sunday 13 November 2016//Philip Greenwood//Love


Sunday 6 November 2016//Philip Greenwood//Self Control


Sunday 30 October 2016//Philip Greenwood//Gentleness


Sunday 23 October 2016//Philip Greenwood//Faithfulness


Sunday 16 October 2016//Ruth Ellena//Goodness and Kindness


Sunday 9 October 2016//Philip Greenwood//Patience


Sunday 2 October 2016//Philip Greenwood and Yvonne McLean//Peace


Sunday 25 September 2016//Philip Greenwood//I will say it again – Rejoice!


Sunday 18 September 2016//Philip Greenwood//Proclaiming the Kingdom


Sunday 11 September 2016//Philip Greenwood//The Perfect Storm


Sunday 4 September 2016//Bishop Richard Ellena//Where’s, what’s, how’s of Discipleship


Sunday 28 August 2016//Philip Greenwood//Why not hear my story?


Sunday 21 August 2016//Philip Greenwood//So What?


Sunday 14 August 2016//Luke Shaw//The Spirit of Truth


Sunday 7 August 2016//Graham O’Brien//Scratching where it Itches


Sunday 31 July 2016//Phil Greenwood//Trouble


Sunday 17 July 2016//Phil Greenwood//Highs and Lows


Sunday 10 July 2016//Andrew Burgess//To the Ends of the Earth