The Inside Column 26/3

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

As we have being looking at the spiritual Disciplines over the last couple of weeks I have become more and more aware of how countercultural the disciplines are. In a world that can be so much about looking out for one’s self, the spiritual Disciplines are a radical call for us to live a different way to spend time with God and for him to transform us. I have found them very challenging, and my prayer is that you too will find them challenging and life changing.

We welcome a new vestry on board. The vestry is a group of people that give their time, energy and wisdom to the running of the church, like a management group. I am very grateful to this group and I would ask you to keep them in your prayers.

Simon Marry will continue in his role as People’s Warden, so if you have any concerns or ideas that you would like the vestry to know about he is there to speak to, in fact you can speak to any one on vestry and they will be more than happy to help.

Glynne Suckling has accepted the invitation to be my warden and I know he will be a great support for me, and a great asset to the church. As part of the combined services next week we will welcome the new vestry officially.

Next week is Palm Sunday. It is a combined service starting at 10.00am and there will be a shared lunch after the service as we farewell Edrick. Please bring a plate with plenty on it, we have on previous events run out of food!

I will leave you with a quote from Mother Teresa that I will be using in the sermon this morning.

Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.

Yours in Christ


The Inside Column 18/3

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A quick note from the dim dark recesses of the Vicarage or is it the Resignarage. I thought a short update on events to let you know that we have not left you all wane and woebegone.

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven that passage from Ecclesiastes we all know so well comes in to play. This has been a significant move and step in all our lives; that includes Phil and Greta. Significant in the fact that a transition like this happens so rarely. Too often, the development of a parish goes through a success stage, the Vicar leaves and the next person destroys all the work that has developed. This will not happen at St Barnabas.

The process we have worked through at St Barnabas has not been precipitous but has been discussed, wrestled with, prayed about, and with hindsight we see through all that that God’s purposes are being thoroughly worked out. There are still some practical processes to be actioned, developed and worked through with the Bishop, Diocese and Vestry. But this has meant that as our appointed time finishes, so does Phil’s appointed time begin. That is right, biblical and proper.

There is great work to be done at St Barnabas, and the timing is absolutely perfect for the next stage of growth and development. It is a scary move for all of us and a huge step in faith but more that that in Gods timing and purposes a step in the right direction. A verse from Joel springs to mind. Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice: for the LORD will do great things. Joel 2:26

For the time being we are working through new ministry options that will keep us here for at least the rest of the year. In the meantime I will help out during the various interregnums that are happening at the Diocese and assisting other parishes where they need help. Sort of clergy putty. We have already been offered one parish outside the Diocese but have turned that down and we are looking at other options next month outside new Zealand. Or we may move into an entirely different role and be self supporting in ministry in Nelson… You know stepping out in faith, there was the fear, that there would be no options… but that step has meant there are too many options. The lesson is, that we need to learn time and time again is that when God is part of the process He will do more that we can ever ask or imagine.

As this year proceeds, and this parish, more than most, steps out in faith, I am truly excited to see what God is going to do at St Barnabas under Phil’s leadership. Clare and the family will still worship here and be part of the ministry team as usual. But you as a parish must look to Phil for leadership direction and guidance, more than just taking on the role as Priest in Charge, he has been appointed by God to lead the parish at this time, and carries that God given anointing and spiritual mantle of authority. I know you will respond to that with your full support . +Richard will speak more about this in the very near future.

May God bless you all abundantly.


Prayer Meeting

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Weekly prayer meeting on Tuesdays at 7.00am – 8.00am including time for breakfast.

This is a very important part of the church’s life.

Make it a priority to come along and pray for our church, community and the world.

This prayer gathering is going to have a large component of worship, and waiting on the Holy Spirit to lead us with words and prophecies.

City of Light Gig at St Barnabas

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City of Light Gig at St Barnabas

The Inside Column 11/03

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Good morning and a warm welcome to all.

The wedding I attended last weekend on D’Urville Island was a great success even though when we woke up on Saturday morning with the weather was trying to blow the houses down. The wedding itself was put back a couple of hours as we waited for the power to come back on. Then the wind died down, the sun come out and we all enjoyed lots of seafood and good times.

Many people have been asking me when we will be having a farewell celebration for Edrick and family. On the first of April we will be having a combined service at 10.00am followed by a  ‘bring a plate’ shared lunch.

This will be a chance for us as a family to pray for Edrick and to thank him for his time here at St Barnabas. If you would like to make a donation towards a present for Edrick you can bring it to the offices. Please put this date on our calendar and make every effort to come to this services.

The Banquet in the garden fundraiser was last night, and I have no doubt that it was a huge success. This will have been the sixth Banquet that the Monday morning womens Home Group has put on. Over the years they have raised over twenty thousand dollars for different charities, an amazing achievement, this is truly the church being salt and light in a dark world, well done, we applaud you.


“Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on his knees.”  

– William Cowper


This week’s spiritual discipline is Prayer. If you are a committed member of this church, can I ask that you make every effort to make it to the prayer meeting on Tuesdays at 6.30am. This I believe is the most important meeting as we go through the transition time and re-envisioning.


Yours in Christ