The Inside Column 26/02

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The time has come the walrus said etc., etc. and so this morning we will speak of many things but not shoes and ships. Perhaps direction, vision, focus and future. Not cabbages and kings but certainly Vicars.

The announcement you have been waiting for will be announced.  With the huge  insurance costs now for earthquakes, we have successfully sold the church to McDonalds for a drive through takeaway. The location right on the main road and a pre-made circuit is exactly what they were looking for……Just joking !

Tuesday was the anniversary of the tragic earthquake in Christchurch last year As we watched the moving memorial service the questions arose again didn’t they? All summed up in one word WHY? We often say that God is able to take the very worst that happens and bring the very best out of it. But what do they mean in the face of  the Christchurch Earthquake  and the suffering of so many people? How do we know God can bring good out of something like that?

Look at the cross! Look at Jesus

God is no bystander to human suffering.

He died the same way we die.

Here is God’s final answer to the problem of human suffering. He joined our race, took our nature, entered our world, ate with us, drank with us, walked and talked with us, and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.

He didn’t simply die with us.

He died for us.

When he rose from the dead, he reversed the original curse and he set in motion a chain of events that will one day mean an end to all the earthquakes, floods,  hurricanes and all the cancer and all the suffering and all the pain that plagues us and drags us down.

The cross sends a message from God to a rebel world: “I will never stop loving you.”

God’s answer to your pain is not a sermon or a theory or a book. God’s answer to your pain is a Person. God’s answer is Jesus. We make the choice to either run away from God or to run to Him. But if we run to him, look what Jesus says in John 16:33: “These things I have spoken to you that in Me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation, but take courage; I have  overcome the world.”

He offers us the two very things we need when we’re hurting: peace to deal with our present and courage to deal with our future.



The Inside Column 19/02

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Good morning and a warm welcome to you all. What a great last weekend we had with Resurgence, Mike Pivalachi  and the Church picnic. A big thank you to Koro and his team for the picnic setup and  running the BBQ.

The Marriage Course

Greta and I attended the Marriage course introduction evening on Tuesday and had a fantastic night. There are six couples signed up for the course starting this week, and it is still not too late to sign up for the coming course. I have to say as I reflected on the course, what a huge privilege it is to run something like this, to see people excited about the course and the real privilege it is to have input into people’s marriages. I am really proud of the team too, they are doing an amazing job. If anyone is interested in helping with the course please contact the office.

Ash Wednesday

This will be an Ecumenical Service here at St Barnabas at  7:00pm to mark the beginning of Lent. You are all welcome to gather and worship with folk from St Francis of Assisi and Stoke Methodist.


Doug Johns our finance chairperson has been working on developing robust  financial controls and the finance committee have been charged with ensuring that the procedures are implemented. This includes closer monitoring of expenditure, weekly reporting on income and expenditure and monthly forecasting of financial performance. This has been put into place as a result of ending 2011 with a deficit.

Yours in Christ



From The Finance Committee

The AGM is set for the 22 of March. The Annual Accounts for 2011 are presently being finalised. From September  of last year, the financial position of the Church changed somewhat.  We will provide full details of these changes at the Annual General Meeting and will also have available the 2011 Financial Report for you by  mid-March.

As we look to more closely manage our finances, in an environment of rising costs and easing in giving, you will see a few changes being  made with the objective of balancing our budget.

These actions include: returning to biscuits for morning teas, minimal use of colour photocopying, reducing the Parish Administrators hours and more… We are also seeking volunteer help for a number of  important functions relating to property maintenance and it’s cleaning. If we all do a little then no-one will have to do a lot!

David Cowdrey would be delighted to hear from you or perhaps your home group, to assist in these areas.


Thank you for your support.

Doug Johns (Finance Chairperson)

Mike Pilavachi visits St Barnabas

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Mike Pilavachi visits St Barnabas

Mike Pilavachi preached at the 945 Service at St Barnabas on Sunday 12 February. He spoke about the love of God using amusing stories from his life and also shared several poignant accounts of the love of God in action around the world. The service was followed by a picnic and barbeque in Isel Park, adjacent to St Barnabas.

Mike Pilavachi (born 7 March 1958) is a British charismatic Christian evangelist and author of Greek Cypriot descent. He is the co-founder and leader of the Soul Survivor charity based in Watford, United Kingdom. He is also the Senior Pastor of the Soul Survivor Watford church, based in North Watford, which he set up in 1993 along with worship leader Matt Redman. A former accountant, he became a youth worker at St Andrew’s C of E church in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire. It was here that two ministers at St Andrew’s, David Pytches and Barry Kissell launched the New Wine Christian Family Conferences. Pilavachi has written a number of books on Christianity including Soul Survivor (with Nicky Gumbel, 2004), Live the Life (with Craig Borlaise, 2001) and, most recently, Storylines; Tracing the Threads of the Bible.

Pilavachi helped run the international evangelistic event, Soul in the City, London in 2004 and Soul in the City Durban in 2009. He was also one of the founders of the Hope 08 project, an initiative of the churches of Britain and Ireland which is helping to demonstrate Christian faith in action.

Pilavachi launched Soul Survivor in the Summer of 1993. The event is a 5 day long charismatic Christian festival aimed at youth and the initial Soul Survivor attracted 1896 delegates. Under the guidance of Pilavachi, the event has grown to accommodate around 30,000 people over three weeks along with the fourth week, being Momentum (aimed at those in their twenties and thirties). Matt Redman, who had attended Pilavachi’s youth club at St Andrew’s church, was a worship leader at early Soul Survivor camps. Matt Redman returned as a worship leader in 2011.

945 Sunday service at St BarnabasChildren perform at 945 Sunday service945 Church Service at St Barnabas

Nelson band, The Peasants release first single

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The Peasants new single "Letting Go"
Nelson band, The Peasants, have just released their first single. The band includes members of the Worship team at St Barnabas. For the story and video follow this link:
“Peasants ready to hit the charts”

Also check them out on Facebook.

The Inside Column 12/02

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Good morning and a warm welcome to you all today.

Today we welcome Mike Pivalachi to our 945 service. It is a real privilege to have Mike with us today and I know we will be blessed by what God has to tell us through him.

At 12.00pm after the service today you are warmly invited to join us in Isel Park for a  picnic. There will be a couple of BBQ’s on the go with free bread, sauce and sausages. There will be some games for the children, so bring your picnic rugs and join in the fun.

The Marriage Course Celebration Dinner is this week on Tuesday the 14th at 7.00pm. This is a great opportunity to bring some friends and have an excellent dinner this Valentine’s Day. Yes,  very romantic for those of you who are big on Valentine’s Day.

The Marriage Course is for any couple that wants to invest in their relationship. It is a great way of   making something good even better. The course runs over seven Tuesday evenings.

Starting on Tuesday 21 February, the course includes dessert, a video presentation and time for each couple to discuss in private, the weeks topic. If you would like to deepen and strengthen your relationship, ring David at the Church office to register Ph 547 5631.

See you all in the park for the picnic

Yours in Christ