The Inside Column 12/02

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Good morning and a warm welcome to you all today.

Today we welcome Mike Pivalachi to our 945 service. It is a real privilege to have Mike with us today and I know we will be blessed by what God has to tell us through him.

At 12.00pm after the service today you are warmly invited to join us in Isel Park for a  picnic. There will be a couple of BBQ’s on the go with free bread, sauce and sausages. There will be some games for the children, so bring your picnic rugs and join in the fun.

The Marriage Course Celebration Dinner is this week on Tuesday the 14th at 7.00pm. This is a great opportunity to bring some friends and have an excellent dinner this Valentine’s Day. Yes,  very romantic for those of you who are big on Valentine’s Day.

The Marriage Course is for any couple that wants to invest in their relationship. It is a great way of   making something good even better. The course runs over seven Tuesday evenings.

Starting on Tuesday 21 February, the course includes dessert, a video presentation and time for each couple to discuss in private, the weeks topic. If you would like to deepen and strengthen your relationship, ring David at the Church office to register Ph 547 5631.

See you all in the park for the picnic

Yours in Christ


City of Light EP available at St Barnabas

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Nelson worship band

City of light: The heart to heart EP

7 original worship tracks

Available 11 February 2012 – $13.99

Copies available at St Barnabas and The Anglican Centre

Or contact the band at

Have a listen on Facebook

Resurgence Festival this weekend!

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Resurgence Festival is on this weekend at The Headingly Centre Richmond.

Geared for the under 40’s, but open for everyone!
To celebrate, renew and deepen.
10, 11, 12 February 2012 in Nelson.
Mike Pilavachi (Soul Survivor UK) and other special guests.


Resurgence is for everyone

There are crèche facilities available for under 3’s – 10-11.30am and 2.30-4pm

There is a children’s programme running on Saturday

Saturday afternoon includes a range of fun activities – Seminars, bouncy castles (5 of them), paintball, LAN gaming

Free evening meal on Saturday (Paella)

Big screen Movie (“Evan Almighty”) for kids on Sat night (from 7pm so parents can go and hear Mike) –

Mike speaks at St Barnabas 9.45am this Sunday. Picnic in Isel Park after service at 12 noon, BYO bbq food and drink. See you there!

Download the programme here.

The Inside Column 5/02

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A very warm welcome to all visitors this morning, a very special welcome to Bishop Richard and Hilary.

I was reflecting on a few events over the past years and would like to acknowledge Richards support and encouragement both financially and spiritually to the ministry at St Barnabas. It was through his encouragement and support that the we were able to move forward with the development of the music ministry and the support for Phil to develop his ministry within the context of St Barnabas.

The success is due in part to that Episcopal support and encouragement that comes from a visionary Bishop. Vicars think they have it hard leading a church, to develop a vision with the diverse range of personalities and opinions in a parish. For a Bishop leading a Diocese this is magnified a hundredfold. He needs our constant support and prayer. Richards vision for a missional Diocese is a way forward to the future for the revitalising of Anglican mission.

I have been looking at the growth of other Dioceses who have made a deliberate and focused move and cast a powerful vision to be missional. These Dioceses (as would be expected) are growing, developing and are making the church once again relevant to the community it is in.

The Resurgence festival is next weekend.It is a great opportunity to be encouraged and refreshed for the New year. If you haven’t registered yet, I want to strongly encourage you to attend this weekend…even a few of the sessions.

The line up of speakers is outstanding. Actually they will probably pale into insignificance beside the Paellas I am cooking for the dinner on Saturday. So with speakers and Paella how could you not want to come!

Seriously though….this is a Diocesan event and as our Bishop has supported us, we need to support this event which he is sponsoring to bring nourishment to the Diocese


The Inside Column 29/01

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I was reading Nicky Gumbel’s notes in the Bible in One Year, and again the question of why does God allow suffering came up. Of course we are all thinking about the Hot air balloon tragedy, last year was a year of devastation in Christchurch, and the question always is “Why?”

Why does God allow such suffering? We are consistently confronted by suffering which bewilders and outrages us.This is the single greatest challenge to the Christian faith. The amount of suffering and its distribution seems to be random and unfair.

Nicky’s part answer was the reading from Psalm 16:1-11. See the suffering of this life in the context of eternity.

Nicky then uses the following illustration of Gavin Reid, the former Bishop of Maidstone. He told of a boy in his congregation who shattered his back falling down the stairs at the age of one and had consequently been in and out of Hospital. When Gavin interviewed him in church the boy remarked, “God is fair.” Gavin stopped him and asked, “How old are you?” “Seventeen,” the boy replied.”‘How many years have you spent in hospital?” The boy answered, “Thirteen years.”‘ He was asked, “Do you think that is fair?” He replied, “God has got all of eternity to make it up to me.” That statement sums it up. Yet we will agree, suffering is just horrible. It burns up our faith with our anger at God. The unfairness, the injustice we perceive it to be.

The world we live in is one of having everything now. Of countries who have placed the world economy in financial crisis. It is based on there is no thought for the future, only the present. The Bible talks of a new future – a new heavens and a new earth. A resurrection to life in the presence of God.

Psalm 16 is one of the few Old Testament passages which of eternity in Gods presence psalmist writes, ‘Because you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead, nor will you let your faithful one see decay.You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand’ (Psalm 16:10-11).

In a sermon I preached just after the second major Christchurch earthquake.I wrote, “In the end do we face today and the future with God or without God?” I think we all know its much better with God than without. As we look towards 2012, let’s make this a year where we face it and work in confidence and trust that God is, Emmanuel, definitely with us..