Discovery Course

An opportunity to discover Jesus.


The act of making something known that was secret, or a fact that is made known: a moment of revelation, the action or process of discovering.

At 6.30pm every Wednesday evening in June we are holding a series of short Ted Talk style talks about the impact Jesus has made in people’s lives. Over four weeks we will hear different people tell about their discovery of who Jesus is, how Jesus changed their lives and the difference it has made.

The Discovery Course is a safe and non judgmental place to explore questions of faith. This is a space where you can bring friends, family, and work mates to discover Jesus. Dinner will be provided free of charge.


7 June
14 June
21 June
28 June
Spanky MooreFrom Punk to Priest
Al FergusonHope for the Highway
Greta Greenwood & Jacqueline Bone – Finding Faith
Jude SaxonGood News