What are Home Groups?

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Most of us find that we can enjoy closer and more meaningful relationships with people in a smaller group. Home Groups exist to serve this purpose, a friendly, non-threatening place were each person can belong and be supported as well as support others. They are encouraged to go beyond just ‘church stuff’ and are real groups of friends that go on weekends away together, spend social time and even help each other with practical things like transport and DIY. We encourage everyone to join a Home Group, but some choose not to for whatever reason, and that’s fine. St Barnabas has nine Home Groups that meet regularly across Nelson and Richmond.

For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them –  Matthew 18:20.

   Different groups meet at different times to cater for different lifestyles, and they each have their own ‘flavour’. The Home Groups of St Barnabas are really what the individuals make them.
All the members consider friendship, sharing thoughts and ideas, prayer, Bible study, Tea, Coffee and food, social times, empowerment and support, and practical and spiritual help as the important features of home groups.
   Home Groups are an important part of the lives of the St Barnabas parishioners. They really do enable exploring the faith and sharing with each other at a personal level.