Monday 10:00am Hope/Richmond Group

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On Mondays at 10.00am  a group of mothers with children led by Greta Greenwood meet at various homes in Hope and Richmond. This is a relaxed group that includes some preschoolers  in attendance to add to the mix!  The group pray for and support each other in practical ways as well as sharing in topical studies and food together. The group is also involved in social action activities, notably the organization of the annual ‘Banquet in the Garden’ fundraiser for Bright Hope World,  raising in excess of $3000 for the charity last year.

It used to surprise me that even though we are not best friends, I would share things with my group that I may not talk about with my friends… I think it’s because we don’t judge, there is no ‘you should have or shouldn’t have’.  We talk, listen, laugh, sometimes cry and then we pray and hand everything over to God.

Hope/Richmond 10.00am Monday