The Inside Column 2/10

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Good morning and a warm welcome to you all. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the church family and all the people that have been so supportive over the last couple of weeks, with the arrival of our latest little boy Hugh James Greenwood. He is doing […]

The Inside Column 25/9

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Good Morning this first day of daylight saving… Check out the newly launched St Barnabas web site. It is outstanding. A huge amount of time was spent developing it by David’s daughter, Jane Cowdrey. Thank you so much for this amazing effort. On the site you will find a link to The Peasants Rockquest win […]

The Inside Column 18/9

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At the last two Vestry meetings we have been discussing ways to raise funds for the work of the Parish. We asked you to pledge money and we have received $9,000, almost half of what we need. We asked you to give us your small change each month. Almost $100 in change was given for […]