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Good morning and welcome to St Barnabas Stoke – if you are visiting today we hope you encounter God’s goodness and love for you as you join us in worshipping Him, please feel free to stick around afterwards for a coffee and a chat.

Last Sunday the weather got the better of the Jingle bells event, which was a great shame – but there is always next year. Sorry to anybody that did not get the message of cancellation, and a thank you to those that were going to help on the day. It was going to be a great way for us serve our community.

Today we celebrate Christmas with our Christingle service. What is a Christingle, I hear you ask…? The story of the Christingle is that there were three children, who were very poor, but wanted to give a gift to Jesus, like the other families at church were doing. The only nice thing they had was an orange, so they decided to give him that.

The top was going slightly green, so the eldest cut it out, and put a candle in the hole. They thought it looked dull, so the youngest girl took her best red ribbon from her hair and attached it round the middle with toothpicks. The middle child had the idea to put a few pieces of dried fruit on the ends of the sticks. They took it to the church for the Christmas mass, and whereas the other children sneered at their meagre gift, the priest took their gift and showed it as an example of true understanding of the meanings of Christmas.

The Christingle consists of:

  • An orange representing the world God created. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. “Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” – Genesis 1:1-2
  • A red ribbon around the orange represents the blood of Jesus. Jesus came into this world to pay the price for the things we do wrong, so we may know God through him and know
    forgiveness, truth, peace, love.
  • Dried fruits on cocktail sticks pushed into the orange, represent the fruits of the earth and the four seasons. Different seasons of life, the many different good things God blesses us with.
  • A lit candle pushed into the centre of the orange, representing Jesus Christ as the light of the world. Good news of great joy to the world!

With many going away over the next couple of weeks, let me wish everybody that calls St Barnabas home, a very happy and safe Christmas, and I look forward to see what God has in store for us all next year.

The Church office will close at noon on Friday 20 December and reopens at 8.00am Monday 20 January 2019.

God Bless


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