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Good morning and welcome to St Barnabas Stoke – if you are visiting today we hope you encounter God’s goodness and love for you as you join us in worshipping Him, please feel free to stick around afterwards for a coffee and a chat.

Gift day 2019 was a great blessing for St Barnabas with around $ 23,000 coming in with great joy and thanksgiving for all that God is doing. Last week Vestry approved the upgrade of the church drive way, with new hot mix, and the first steps in upgrading the church sound system, with some new speakers and other sound system stuff. I was in a conversation about the gift day with a church leader, and their comment was “But aren’t you just a small church – how did you raise so much?” We might not be the biggest Church, but we do have a long history off joyfully generous giving to the work of the Kingdom of God. We are blessed, to be a blessing.

From Kathy King – Senior Outreach Community Coordinator (SOCK)
After four years as the senior outreach coordinator I have decided to submit my resignation to vestry effective from 20 December 2019. I’d like to thank both Vestry and Phil for your support and
encouragement over my time of employment. A word of encouragement goes a long way to feeling like one is doing a valuable job. A couple of highlights from Kathy’s work:

Out to Lunch:

Out to Lunch has really been the success story of the job, not only in the numbers that come along but the fact that I have never had to shoulder tap anyone to volunteer their help. It has been a real pleasure working with Helen, Pam, Joy, Mary and Annette and their contributions to the preparation (often at their own cost as they don’t often give me receipts) has been really appreciated. Another positive outcome of the lunches has been the increase in the number of non-parishioners coming along and the non ‘serial lunch goers,’ i.e. those that attend free lunches over the city. We provide a real service to these people but I am encouraged that there are Stoke locals who come each month for the fellowship and feel part of our church community for doing so. Although the prayer card I place at each setting is often left behind many people have told me they save them, reflect on them and often pass on to someone else.

Senior Outreach Community Engagement:

This is a part of the role that I initiated from the beginning and I think it is very important to continue. This has included building relationships with Stoke Seniors. From this we have had a drama and choir group entertain at the lunches. Positive relationships have being built with Age Concern and I have made many community connections with other agencies through the Positive Aging Forum that meets quarterly. Having a stall at the Positive Aging Expo with the other senior outreach/elder care has been part of this.

I would like to say a big thank you to Kathy it has been a real blessing to have her take on this role and in a lot of ways leading the way in Seniors Outreach. It was been great to work with her, to see her grow, and she will be greatly missed as part of the staff team. Thankyou Kathy!

Yours in Christ


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