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Good morning and welcome to St Barnabas Stoke – if you are visiting today we hope you encounter God’s goodness and love for you as you join us in worshipping Him, please feel free to stick around afterwards for a coffee and a chat.

Advent week two, the Hope of Israel, Eric will be speaking to us about this Hope.

Hope of Israel is a name of God that occurs in both Old and New Testaments. The Hebrew word miqweh means “to wait or look for with eager expectation”. God is the object of our very highest hopes and he never lets us down. The nation of Israel provides a wonderful example of God remaining faithful to imperfect people.

“You who are the hope of Israel, its

Saviour in times of distress.”

- Jeremiah 14:8 


“For this reason I have asked to see you and talk with you. It is because of the hope of

Israel that I am bound with this chain.”

- Acts 28:20


What are you hoping for this Christmas?

Next week is our combined Christingle service 9.30am start time. I will be needing a couple of volunteers to help make the Christingles. If you are around at 10.00am this Thursday 13 December for an hour or so to help that would be helpful. Meet in the Foyer.

On Thursday 20 December at 5.30pm we have Shine—Carols in the Park, at the Isel Park twilight Market.  This is a great opportunity for us to be part of this amazing weekly market with the Christian message. It would be great to have a great turn out of people from St Barnabas to represent the church. Come along and grab some dinner, bring some friends and enjoy the carols.

As many of you know, Luke is moving on to a new venture and we would love to bless him with a gift. If you would like to donate towards this there is a container marked Luke’s Gift at the back of church or write Luke on your envelope.

We are looking for a couple of volunteers to do some cleaning over the holidays, to keep the church nice and clean. If you are around over the first couple of weeks of January and have a spare couple of hours we would love to hear from you. Call David in the office for details.


Yours in Christ




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