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Hi and good morning. If you are visiting us today we hope you feel welcome. Feel free to stay after the service for a coffee and to get to know some of our people.

A reminder that next week we are having a combined Easter Day Service, starting at 9.30am. At this stage it looks like we will be in the hall, but will play it by ear. We also have a Good Friday service, also at 9.30 am this will be followed by a morning tea with the other Stoke Churches that will be finishing the walking of the cross around Stock.

Motion 29 Update…

A couple of weeks ago we had a one-day Synod Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast/ Waimea wide meeting of all clergy and church reps. The St Barnabas reps are Matthew MacDonald, David Featherstone and Angela Galbraith. On the table for discussion and vote was something called Motion 29. Motion 29 includes a whole bunch of recommendations to try and broker a way forward for the Anglican Church in New Zealand in an effort to avoid a complete split between the evangelical bloc and the so called liberal bloc. The issue centers around same gender blessings and Motion 29, in effect, tries to untether various parts of the New Zealand Anglican Church from each other, allowing for more autonomy on this issue in each Diocese.

For some, Motion 29 is too much of a compromise so the vote was ‘No’ .For others it was a more pragmatic ‘Yes’ to keep unity in some form and so we can just get on and do what we need to do here and, in time, to reform the wider church. The final vote was to support Motion 29 – 57 for, 40 against.

It’s also worth knowing that in the discussion it was made clear by all that this was a line in the sand (albeit in a slightly different place for those who voted against) that we could not step beyond. It means that if the recommendations of Motion 29 are not accepted at the New Zealand wide General Synod this coming May and instead there are moves again towards redefining marriage itself (known as Motion 30), Nelson would not be able to accept it. Such a line in the sand as this may have major consequences down the track – we wait and see for the time being.

Please pray for the General Synod Reps and the Bishop going from this Diocese to the NZ wide meeting in May – they have to navigate through this and seek to stand up and be a voice for truth when often so many are pushing against them. Pray for those affected by these decisions – that we can continue to show the love that God has for all in Christ and that we can always point people to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Please let me know if you want to talk about this further or have any concerns.

Yours in Christ



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