The Inside Column 24/12

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Hi and good morning from the Vicar. If you are visiting us today we hope you feel welcomed and encouraged as you encounter God’s presence with us and hang out with our whanau. Feel free to stick around afterwards for a coffee and to get to know some of our people.

One sleep to go till the big day. It can be easy as a (grown-ups) sometimes to get a little over Christmas – all the spending, different time pressures, things to get done before you finish work, planning the holidays. But with little children in the houses you cannot help but see the excitement in their eyes—the things they like to do year after year, the different family traditions you have  that make the day special. And of course it is the time we celebrate the birth of the most important person that has ever lived.

C.S Lewis put it like this:

At Christmas we remember the central event in the history of the earth—the very thing the whole story has been about. The point of Christmas is Jesus Christ. At Christmas we celebrate the birthday of the most important person who ever lived. He is the centerpiece of our civilization.

The birth of this one baby, baby Jesus changed the course of history. And I think at the heart of the birth of Jesus is love, and what we celebrate at Christmas is the love of God, for all people. In the birth of Jesus we see true love come into the world. Emmanuel God is with us and when we put our faith, we believe in him, this love comes and lives in us. Jesus came so that everyone may know Gods love in their lives, and out of this love, learn to love each other and his world.

Last week we had Shine our carol service up in Isel Park. It was a great night and we had a great turn out. The children sang there song Love Shone Down, with the ukelele band, Graham O’Brien sang solo O Holy Night, and the brass band played the Carols.

Well done to all the children, and people that did the readings. This was a great way for as to be in the community, and we have been asked to come back next year. I had one chat with a lady that had heard the singing as she was walking up to the park and had come straight over and joined in.

I will be away over the next three weeks but there is a great team of people that will keep the services going over January. All services are at 9.30am. I would like to say Merry Christmas to you all, and I pray that you all will have a safe and happy Christmas.

May you be blessed,

With the spirit of the season, which is peace,

The gladness of the season, which is hope,

And the heart of the season, which is love.

 God bless you all this holiday season

 Yours in Christ



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