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Hi and good morning from the Vicar. If you are visiting us today we hope you feel welcomed and encouraged as you encounter God’s presence with us and hang out with our whanau. Feel free to stick around afterwards for a coffee and to get to know some of our people.

Motion 29

The Anglican Communion, (Aotearoa and Pacifica) and our Nelson Diocese has been discussing and praying about the issue of homosexuality for some years now. More specifically we have discussed gay marriage, same sex relationship blessings and the ordination of practicing gay people. There has been a lot of talk and no decisions have been made.

Motion 29 will be discussed at General Synod, I think in April. Our Diocesan General Synod representatives will present the views of our Diocese. It has been formulated by a group chosen by General Synod. On the 10 March 2018 our Diocese will have a one day Special Synod. The sole purpose of that meeting is to discuss Motion 29.

Our Parish Synod representatives will represent your views at the Diocesan One Day Synod in March. Synod reps are (Matt MacDonald David Fither stone Angila Galbrath) That means we need to know what you think about Motion 29. At this point most of you will not even have heard of it.

Simply put, Motion 29 is a pragmatic suggestion, to our national church, of a way to deal with the blessing of same-sex relationships. The suggestion aims to hold together our national church in the midst of widely-differing viewpoints. Motion 29 suggests that clergy be allowed to bless same sex relationships in dioceses where their bishop gives permission. No one will be forced to conduct same sex blessings if they believe it is wrong. No one will be permitted to carry out same sex marriages. Same sex marriage is not addressed in this motion. Neither is the ordination of practicing homosexuals.

For some people Motion 29 is one step too far. For others it doesn’t go anywhere far enough. Over the next 3 months our parish will go through a process of information and feedback about Motion 29. Our Diocese has put out some information to give us very useful background; historical, theological and pastoral. This can be found on the internet: – you need to scroll down to Motion 29 near the bottom. There you will find 5 video clips and 4 documents. All are useful. Please do access them. There will be some hard copies in the office if needed.

We will offer two ways for you to give your feedback on Motion 29. They are either by way of written submission or simply talking to the Synod reps or to myself. Please pray, especially for those you disagree with. Pray for our church unity (local and national) and witness for Christ.

Yours in Christ



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