The Inside Column 19/11

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Hi and good morning from the curate. If you are visiting us today we hope you feel welcomed and encouraged as you encounter God’s presence with us and hang out with our whanau. Feel free to stick around afterwards for a coffee and to get to know some of our people.

This month I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a couple of creative endeavours which has been very encouraging.

One of these was assisting in running an event called ‘Glorify’ which is a regional wide conference for local worship leaders and their teams. The Nelson Worship Collective team, which I’m a member of, was in charge of pulling the weekend together in a very short time frame on a shoe string budget (as in we only had a shoe string) but we felt God was keen for us to run this thing and so journeyed down the path of obedience while at the same time freaking out.

A week before we were meant to run the event however, we had our guest speakers booked, local workshop presenters signed up, worship teams participating from all around the region and even financial backing to see us through. God had it all in hand and we had a really amazing weekend of encouragement, exceling in our gifts and encountering God’s presence. It was so positive to see sixty people take part in this initial event and hang out with so many different worshipping musos over the weekend.

The highlight for me was hearing one of our key note speakers David Lyle Morris, describe a story of being asked to lead a worship song at New Zealand cricketing great Martin Crowes funeral, which was broadcast worldwide, with actor Russel Crowe sitting in the front row. He was scared, which for a pro muso is saying something, but felt God say to him that the last few decades of worship leading, of failures and hard stuff and toil without much earthly reward, was preparation and part of the process for this moment and becoming the person able to be used in this powerful way. It was stirring stuff and struck a chord or two with the punters for sure, with a powerful reminder that God is faithful to His promises and rewards those who are obedient to His call.

Also happening creatively for the curate this month… An opportunity to be involved in making a short film for local band City of light’s new single release ‘Renew’ (being filmed at St Barnabas with paid actors and everything)…Meeting with the creative crew to start planning our Christmas stage set up (Going to be epic)…And gathering some of our kids together to prep a few songs for the Christingle service Sunday 17th December. Exciting.

Enjoy your week and may the One who gives us creative gifts and talents richly bless and be with you in all that you are doing for him.



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