The Inside Column 12/11

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Good morning and welcome to St Barnabas Stoke. If you are visiting today we hope you encounter God’s almighty grace for you and loving presence as you join us in worship. Please feel free to chat with us afterwards over a coffee and meet some of our people.

Thank you to everybody that helped with the church fair yesterday. Apart from raising some money for the church, it gives us, as two congregations, the chance to work together with a common goal. Thanks to all the people that helped set up, pack down, to those that led the different parts of the fair, to those that brought baking, to everyone involved.

The other thing that the fair does is it opens up St Barnabas to the community. People that may not have ever been in the building before come and can see that we are here, and we are a vibrant community of people.

This week one thing I know

‘A second time they summoned the man who had been blind. ‘Give glory to God by telling the truth,’ they said. ‘We know this man is a sinner.’ He replied, ‘Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!’ Then they asked him, ‘What did he do to you? How did he open your eyes?’ He answered, ‘I have told you already and you did not listen. Why do you want to hear it again? Do you want to become his disciples too?’ Then they hurled insults at him and said, ‘You are this fellow’s disciple! We are disciples of Moses!  We know that God spoke to Moses, but as for this fellow, we don’t even know where he comes from.’                  – John 9: 24-29

A man born blind is healed by Jesus. When interrogated by the religious leaders, he doesn’t present a well prepared speech or get intimidated, he simply tells his story: he was blind, but now he sees. In response, Jesus declares the blind man seeing and the religious leaders blind.

As I have been reading this story over the last couple of weeks it has become one of my favourites. There is something amazingly powerful about the blind man’s story. He does not confess to know much at all, but the one thing he does know no one can take from him. The blind man also has a good dig at the religious leaders.

Have a great week


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