The Inside Column 14/5

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Good morning and welcome to St Barnabas Stoke – if you are visiting today we hope you encounter God’s almighty grace for you and loving presence as you join us in worship. Please feel free to chat with us afterwards over a coffee and meet some of our people.

This week we wrap up our mini teaching series on the ‘scary for some’ word known as evangelism. If you missed any of the last few Sunday mornings, here’s a recap:

The Saving Saviour?

We talked about how evangelism evokes a mix of emotions for Christians as we grapple with past experiences and our perceptions of what it is and how it’s outworked – often it can seem like a burden – BUT we discovered it can be our joy, as we simply share our story with God with those he deeply loves and cares for. We talked about salvation and remembered that it’s not us who does the saving, it’s Jesus – and how in the mission of assisting him, we are not called to condemn others but to offer the hope of reconciliation that we carry within. Evangelism is not just for the gifted among us, it is for each of us! We each have a unique story to tell that will resonate with certain people searching for answers.

Seeds or soapboxes?

We talked about how salvation can be both a decision we make, but also a process – beginning with a gospel seed – that God plants in the lives of others through us, his disciples. Just like a plant requires water and light and cultivating, as co-labourers with God, He uses us to water and shine on and encourage the many gospel seeds planted in the hearts of people. We often think of evangelism as being all on our shoulders, but we remembered that we are all in this together, each playing a role in the salvation journey of a lost soul. There can be no harvest in evangelism without the seed! This can come in many forms as we listen to God and obey his promptings, trusting that He knows best the hearts he is reaching.

 Jesus – Salt and light?

This week’s talk. Looking at what we learn from the master.

The Alpha course has kicked off and over the last few weeks we have had close to 50 people join us for dinner and great conversations about Jesus and the questions of life. A big thankyou to the team that help make this night happen, it has been a lot of fun. Keep praying for those signed up, that as they seek, they will surely find.

Phil and Greta are having a great time away in the UK, with Greta treating Phil to a number of art gallery visits which I hear he enjoyed immensely, although Theo might have been being sarcastic. Not sure. Pray for safe travels and rest as they head back home later this coming week.




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