The Inside Column 30/4

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Good morning and welcome to St Barnabas Stoke – if you are visiting today we hope you encounter God’s goodness and love for you as you join us in worshipping Him. Please feel free to stick around afterwards for a coffee and a chat with our people.

At St Barnabas recently we started our Creative team, who have been responsible for the huge Easter cross scene you see before you on the stage. A big thankyou to everyone involved for all your work in seeing this project realized. A special mention to our crown of thorns weaver who literally suffered like Jesus (with authentic thorn wounds) as she put it together for us!

I have to say I wasn’t expecting to be so impacted by the scene myself as I came in on Good Friday morning and again last Sunday night when we had it lit up. The image of the cross and the weight of what Jesus did for us hit me in the heart pretty hard and I could see that others had similar experiences as they walked in the doors. For the Creative team, this is why we do what we do – Keep an eye out for the next scene appearing soon around Pentecost.

Over the next several weeks, Phil and Greta are away for a mini sabbatical in the UK, and will be visiting various churches and a conference at Holy Trinity Brompton. Let’s pray they have safe travels, that God speaks to them powerfully and encourages their hearts, and that they return refreshed and inspired mid-May.

Also over the next few weeks we will be preaching a short series on everybody’s favourite theme and word ‘Evangelism’. Before you get ready to make for the nearest exit, please be ensured this series will hopefully break down some of the myths and stereotypes and fears surrounding this topic as we consider how we best reach people in today’s world for Jesus and what actually works.

First up today we will explore what Evangelism is and what all this saving talk is about – Next week we will look at our role with God in reaching people and what methods work (and maybe don’t work so well), and lastly we will examine how Jesus Himself reached people and what tips we can glean from Him.

Speaking of Evangelism, remember that this coming week a number of churches around Nelson, including St Barnabas, launch the Alpha course. If you have people you are still yet to invite there is still time. Bring them along Wednesday at 6.30pm.

Yours in Christ



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