The Inside Column 26/3

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to you.  We invite you to join us after the service for a hot drink and fellowship.

In little over one months time Greta and I will be winging our way to London, to attend the Holy Trinity Brompton Leadership conference. As some of you will know both Greta and I worked for HTB when we lived in London, and this church has played a big role in my Christian life. As well as attending the conference we will be visiting churches where people we used to work with are now involved in leadership. I will be spending time with the Bishop of Islington, (he was our next door neighbour) who is now the Bishop of church planting.

The big event that will be happening is Alpha which will start while we are away. Luke will be Priest in Charge and Eric will be around as well. If all goes to plan we will be away for about three weeks, leaving 27 April and home on 18 May.

The 2016 Annual General Meeting is in a couple of weeks time at 7.00pm Thursday 6 April. Check your details in the 2017 Parish Roll in the foyer and make any amendments on the line below your   name. If you want to be on our parish roll fill out a declaration form by  this Wednesday. Return either to the box in the foyer or to the parish office.

Vestry is a one year term, and each year we need to re – nominate each person on vestry, so if you think that vestry is doing a good job you will need to nominate these people again. This year we also have to nominate Synod Reps to serve for the next three years. At last year’s Synod there was a motion to get some younger people on Synod, and it was passed that each church would have one rep under 40. So if you are under 40 or close to it, and think you would like to be a synod rep come and talk to me.

We are three week away from Easter, over the next couple of weeks we will be focusing on Jesus as he heads to the cross.

In Luke’s Gospel our text today is a turning point. It is called the “Travel Narrative” and it encompasses ten chapters, with much material not found in the other gospels. It’s called ‘travel narrative’ because it reflects a time in Jesus’ ministry when he began his march toward Calvary. Jesus travels through Samaritan territory. A sense of purpose, immediacy, and danger frames these passages. These elements are present from the opening lines that convey the rejection of Jesus by the Samaritans

 As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.        - Luke 9:51

 There is a small group of youth traveling down to Easter Camp this year, if you would like to donate towards their travel cost, come and see me.

Yours in Christ



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