The Inside Column 19/3

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to you. We invite you to join us after the service for a hot drink and fellowship.

Last week we had our Prayer for Healing 8.30am Prayer Book Service where there was a testimony of healing, and this was a great encouragement to me. We then had a time of prayer and healing during the second service. A lot of the time we pray for healing and then we don’t think about it again. It is good to spend some time giving thanks for the healing God does give us.

Here is a letter of testimony of a healing journey…

Dear Church Family,

Thank you so much for being Christ’s hands and feet for me during my months of helplessness. The love and prayers have been my mainstay, especially in the harder bits when one seemed unable to focus one’s mind.

Also as many of you have experienced, whatever is happening physically, the dear Lord is with one, sharing the brunt of everything and bearing the greatest burden. Lessons have been learned and experiences gone through that could not have reaped a harvest in any other way.

It was also a lesson in humility to be completely dependent on others. It gave me new discernment that I am always in this state before God and that everything comes from Him.

God is always for healing. I believe my healing started even before the surgery and is continuing through the love and faith of my own and church families, my friends and neighbours and the excellent medical team. The Lord knows my beginning and ending on earth. One thing is certain; I have not been healed for my own gratification but for some purpose which the Lord will reveal. It will be to his glory and for others. We all have unique gifts which the Lord means us to share to build up the life of His church.

For me and praising and thanking were liberating even on the darker days when one had to “guard one’s mind” like billy-o! As my Bible commentary said, “When in the storms of life, lean into the wind and put your trust in the Lord”. The enemy will try to steal joy and peace. Don’t believe him.

A heartfelt thanks to each one of you. You are providing manifold blessings in many ways – all are precious in restoring my physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Every blessing and love in His precious name,


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