The Inside Column 12/2

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to you. We invite you to join us after the service for a hot drink and fellowship.

It has been a great first week in the role of curate at St Barnabas after a good break away with family. Although it has been a little sad to leave my role as youth Coordinator for the Diocese after seven years, I’m enjoying the changes that come with this new season as I learn the ropes of being a Deacon. I’ll still be wearing my worship hat this year but expect to see me around a little more at the Wednesday and early Sunday services, and at your wedding and baptisms if you’re having one.

In the week after church camp our family with rabbit in tow will move into the vicarage next door which the kids are pretty excited about because they will each have a room to themselves, but mostly because the night and day dairy is across the road. Keep praying for us and for me as I try to resist the temptation to eat the store out of ice cream. Sugar aside, Demelza and I think it’s going to be a great adventure living in the community we’re serving.

Our Sunday summer series on 1 Timothy has been challenging stuff – last week we heard about Paul’s heart for the Ephesus church and his desire that they would pray, pray and pray for ALL
people, even those in authority – making requests to God, interceding for others and giving thanks for what God has done and what he will do – and that they would reflect Jesus in conduct, avoiding resembling the culture of the day – which enjoyed showy hair do’s, dressing seductively (especially Diana’s priestess ‘Bee’s’) and foolish spiritual teachings. It was also a chance to think about the context of Paul’s letter and why he might instruct women (and men) to avoid certain things and be people of the truth.

I came away encouraged to keep praying, because prayer certainly moves mountains, and enables us to partner with God in seeing His Kingdom come and His will be done. Through prayer we can see culture change, those in authority make Godly decisions, people come to faith, needs met, finances supplied, sickness healed, the church encouraged and the spiritual realms shaken. In my journey over the last few years with illness I’ve learnt that prayer doesn’t need to feel like obligation, it can be a conversation, even the most simple prayers can be powerful, and that as we spend time with God, our prayer life fuels our worship and witness.

I encourage you to keep praying and to share your stories of how God has answered and provided because this builds us up and stirs passion. Have a great week.

Yours in faith


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