The Inside Column 20/11

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to you. We invite you to join us after the service for a hot drink and fellowship.

How pleased I am to be writing this column for this week’s pew News. Each Sunday I come home from our time of worship and Communion thankful for each one of you and reflecting on the joy we share as member’s of the body of Christ. I know this is also evident in our home groups and the Wednesday service as well.

God wants us to bring joy to one another by sharing the gifts He has given us. It makes my heart glad to see people supporting and encouraging each other in so many ways.

The Pastoral Care team have had a busy time lately, making contact with new parishioners, visiting those who are unwell, accompanying people to medical appointments, providing soup etc,- genuinely caring for those in need. I know there are others who quietly and faithfully make regular visits or phone calls thereby showing love and concern. When we are laid low by illness or are feeling fragile it is reassuring to know we are being held in prayer by our friends or perhaps by the intercessors of the Prayer Chain.

Let us be open and sensitive too to those who may be on the edges of our  fellowship.

I hope you will be inspired by this Joy Cowley psalm entitled The Bridge.

There are times in life
when we are called to be bridges,
not a great monument spanning a distance
and carrying loads of heavy traffic,
but a simple bridge to help one person from here to there over
some difficulty
such as pain,grief,fear,loneliness
a bridge which opens the way
for ongoing journey.

When I become a bridge for another
I bring upon myself a blessing,
for I escape from the small prison of self
and exist for a wider world,
breaking out to be a larger being
who can enter another’s pain
and rejoice in another’s triumph.

I know of only one greater blessing
in this life and that is,
to allow someone else
to be a bridge for me.

Have a great week,



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