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Good morning and a very warm welcome to you. We invite you to join us after the service for a hot drink and fellowship.

Today we come to the end of our short series from Galatians, this list of fruit, characteristics that through the Holy Spirit grow in us. Each of the different characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit focuses on how we respond to God and how we treat other people. Some are more focused on our relationship with God and some more on how we treat people. Today we go back to the start of the list and will be looking at Love.

Easter Trading – Rachel Boyack
You may be aware that parliament recently voted to allow local councils to make decisions about Easter Sunday trading in their local areas. I am a Nelson Cathedral parishioner and work as a Union Organiser across the top of the South Island, representing hundreds of working people at local supermarkets and big and small retailers. Many of the workers and their families are concerned about Easter Sunday Trading, particularly those who are regular Churchgoers.

There are some facts that aren’t widely known about Easter Sunday Trading. First, it isn’t a formal public holiday so working people don’t receive extra payments or alternative days off.  Secondly, while the law makes it illegal to pressure people to work on Easter Sunday, my experience is that workers can be very subtly but powerfully pressured to work on public holidays or busy days, and often face unfair behaviour from their managers if they don’t agree.

As many of you will know, for Christians like us Easter Sunday has as much or even more importance than Christmas Day and this is something members of the wider public aren’t often aware of. In my own submission I intend to make this very clear and encourage you to do the same in your own submissions.

Two weeks ago Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council voted to seek feedback from their local communities regarding Easter Sunday Trading. They have an online survey that people can complete via the following link: Tasman. Please feel free to contact me on 021 722 013 or 03 548 0423 if you want to ask me any questions about Easter Sunday Trading and the law. This is a chance for you to have your say, I would encourage you to do so.

A date for your Diaries…Ordination service at 7.00pm on Wednesday 30 November at Nelson Cathedral, where Luke Shaw will be ordained Deacon.  Please pray for Luke as he prepares for this important step in his ministry. We have been asked to assist with the supper by those attending bringing a plate. Please consider coming and
supporting Luke at this service
Yours in Christ


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