The Inside Column 28/8

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to you.  We invite you to join us after the service for a hot drink and fellowship.

This summary from Synod from John Palmer,  Holy Trinity Richmond, is a very good summary of what went down.

Bishop Richard departed from previous practice and combined his Synod sermon with the Bishop’s Charge, which seemed a very sensible move. This meant that Synod could begin on Friday morning by going into discussion groups to discuss points from the Charge. The charge committed the Diocese to the radical confession of faith in Christ, to radical discipleship and to radical community as the body of Christ.

Normally at Synod we have presentations from a third of the parishes on their life and mission. This year, we had a series of presentations from those serving us in the Bishop’s Ministry Team –Children and Families Ministry (Sue Fallow), Youth Ministry (Luke Shaw), Social Services Ministry (Gerrie Mead) and Seniors Ministry (Dean Charles Tyrell). We should be very grateful that we have people of such calibre in these key roles.

Andrew Burgess explained the re-envisioning project for Bishop dale Theological College.  Although the College should always strive for academic excellence, they are now looking at key outcomes from each course in terms of discipleship and mission.

In terms of motions before Synod, there was nothing really revolutionary, although two motions did provoke considerable debate. The first was concerned with encouraging parishes to nominate younger people (under 40) onto Synod. This was passed, although concern was expressed regarding the timing of Synod in relation to those in full-time employment.

The second had a long preamble on creation care and worker abuse and then went onto to propose that, as a first step, all parishes should only purchase ethically produced tea and coffee. This was amended to an encouragement to parishes and passed. This motion of course raised issues relating to creation care, one of the five marks of mission, and perhaps we will hear more motions in this area in coming years.

Excellent overseas missions presentations were delivered by Mike Hawke (Anglican Missions), Steve Maina (NZCMS) and Alan and Christine (NZCMS missionaries).

Remember it’s Quiz Night at 7.00pm on Friday 9 September .Get your team together now. This is a great opportunity to get some friends together and bring them to church for a great night of fun. If you would like to donate a prize for the prize table, drop it in at church office.


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