The Inside Column 17/7

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to you.  We invite you to join us after the service for a hot drink and fellowship.

It has been inspiring over the last few weeks to hear testimonies from our people at St Barnabas. When I hear stories of God’s love and grace and power and how a life has been changed by Him, it stirs my spirit and prompts me to think about all He has done in my life.

Jesus knew the power of a story, which is why he used parables and analogies to speak in a way the everyman could relate to – he was able to spark imagination and resonate with their hearts while also sharing mighty truths with practical applications.

Reading the book of Acts over the last few months it’s been interesting to see how the early disciples and apostles often brought people back to their story with Jesus while painting a picture of the bigger narrative in play. They were uneducated yet had real authenticity, radical obedience and infectious passionate because of Jesus and how their lives had been forever changed by Him – their story was real, it was living and active and certainly not static – it was being added to daily as God continued to do powerful exploits through them and people responded.

Likewise our personal story between us and God can be a powerful tool in our hands for the gospel. We might think sometimes that our story is a little unimpressive, maybe  even stagnant, and certainly doesn’t have the zap that the early church stories had. Or we might think our lives seem to contain more painful stories and failures than the super apostle highlights we read in Acts.

We need to remember that our story is our story! No God story is insignificant – the other day our family lost our rabbit, actually he escaped Shawshank style out of the backyard. After a few hours we feared the worst so we prayed before I went into the night to look for him again and… there he was right on the doorstep when I opened the door!

God can use whatever we go through to speak to others and to us, especially our failures and mishaps and normal week day happenings. I like to remind myself that my story is still being written every day and to pause and ask myself – where is God in my life today? What is he up to? What would he have me do or say or pray? When I forget to do this, I know I miss opportunities but when I remember and look back on a week lived intentionally I can always see God at work and I am always encouraged.

I pray you will be encouraged by your stories this week.


Have a great week




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