The Inside Column 22/5

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to you.  We invite you to join us after the service for a hot drink and fellowship.

Today we have Steve Maina form NZCMS speaking at both services. As National Director Steve leads the NZCMS ship, and spends time developing the ‘big picture’, creating and maintaining partnerships and making sure everything ticks along smoothly. Steve is an ordained Anglican minister and a gifted public speaker – you’ll often find him in pulpits around the country passionately advocating God’s mission. We look forward to hearing from Steve today as NZCMS is one of our mission partners.

The New Zealand Church Missionary Society – NZCMS for short – is an evangelical mission community seeking to mobilise the Church of New Zealand for God’s mission. They are primarily linked to the Anglican Church though but also work with other churches with whom we share a common vision. NZCMS passion is to see God’s people taking the whole gospel of Jesus to the whole world.

Good news we are hosting Synod – What is Synod? Synod is the Nelson Diocese (all the Anglican churches in the top of the South Island) Annual General Meeting, and this year we are hosting Synod here at St Barnabas. Yay! The dates for Synod are the 4 – 6 August. As part of hosting Synod we will be providing morning and afternoon teas, we will be putting on the Synod dinner on the Friday night, and generally being good hosts. Can I ask that you put these dates aside, not to make sure you are on holiday, but that if you can, you might be able to come and help in some way? We are planning on setting up teams to help run the different things we have to do, so no one person has to do everything.  More info to come in the next couple of weeks.

Tonight we start a new course called The Parenting Course; it is for anyone with children between 0-10 years. It is a Christian based course, but is suitable for everyone. When we think about it we don’t often take time out to talk about our parenting, a lot of the time we are just reacting to what is happening, on this course you will get time to think and some tools to help you become great parents.


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