The Inside Column 17/4

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Good morning and welcome to St Barnabas – if you are a new person here, there is coffee and ample time to catch up after our gathering. We’d love to get to know you and your story.

Last month we looked at the theme of worship, learning about what worship is and how God is calling us to be people of his Spirit and his truth. As we spend time in his presence today, let’s remember also that worship is never simply a one-way conversation from us to God, but a chance for us to listen to his voice and share together what he might be saying, in order that we might be edified and encouraged.

During the worship today there will be times of silence and pauses and these are opportunities for us to tune in, maybe activate our spiritual gifts, and let God speak through us. If you have a word or picture, an impression or a verse, a prayer or song or even an interpretative dance… Feel free to share if you feel bold.

At the moment we’re unpacking the book of Acts on Sunday’s and taking a look at how the early believers wrestled with how to be the church they were called to be. Everything was new, they had this Holy Spirit and tongues of fire to grapple with, people were being healed and getting saved and there was no instruction manual to work from… They had to learn how to hear God’s voice and direction – to trust and rely on him wholly as they took up the charge to pass on the baton of faith Jesus had passed on to them.

It’s a humbling thought to know we are largely here today as believers because of their efforts and the work of the Spirit through their surrendered and obedient hearts and radical counter-cultural ways of living, and the many others who picked up the call along the line. As we read their story, it’s inspiring and exciting to know the same Holy Spirit that was with the early church, lives and breathes within us!

Our challenge is to ask ourselves, as followers of Jesus Christ in Stoke Nelson today, how do we listen in to the God’s Spirit and allow him to guide us and shape us and steer along the path he has for us? How do we ensure our lives reflect hearts that are surrendered and obedient and that we are a people with boldness to step out and be radical and counter cultural?

Let’s spend some time listening in today.



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