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Good morning and a warm welcome to all. If you are visiting with us we would love to get to know you. Please feel free to stay for a hot drink after the service.

As you will no doubt be aware there has been a devastating series of earthquakes in Nepal. At times like this we might ask what we can do apart from praying for the people affected? One thing we can do is give financial support, but who do we give to? I have know doubt there are many good agencies that we can support.

At our last vestry meeting mission was talked about, how there is a need for us to have more of a focus on missions. We as an Anglicans Church support AMB (Anglican Mission Board) and they give to CMS (Church Mission Society) who support missionaries out the field. We will be looking for new ways of building this partnership. We would also like to build some new relationships with other mission groups. One such group is based in Christchurch and is called Bright Hope World, you can check them out at

If you would like give financially to earthquakes in Nepal, Bright Hope World has several partners already working in Nepal. I received this update from Bright Hope this week…

We are delighted to advise that we have verified that our partners are safe, and are in a position to work directly on the ground with the thousands of people that are suffering and need support. We have already made some funds available to our partners and if you feel moved to support this situation, please visit our website link: or donate directly into our bank account (Bright Hope World, Bank of New Zealand, 02-0800-0733739-002) with the reference ‘Nepal Appeal’. Urgency is a real factor here so we want to move as quickly as we can.

One of our partners there emailed us yesterday saying: “With two mega earthquakes and a series of subsequent waves rattling the nation, most of the people across the country have been compelled to live under temporary tents on any available open ground and put up on highways or public parks. As of Monday afternoon, the government still had not been able to deliver basic necessities to many affected families even in Kathmandu. Because the markets and shops have mostly remained closed in most areas, people have been forced to survive on snacks like noodles and biscuits. We are coordinating immediate rescue and relief services in Kathmandu. The urgent needs are: safe shelters, basic food, water, medicine (our clinic manpower and medicine are being locally used now along with other organizations) and giving counseling.

Please pray about whether this is something you can support.

Yours in Christ


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