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Good morning and a warm welcome to all. If you are visiting with us we would love to get to know you. Please feel free to stay for a hot drink after the service.

Well, what a weekend! Church camp was a lot of fun and good times. The worship led by Luke and City of Light was fantastic, David Hollingsworth’s talk on the Saturday morning was outstanding and challenging and the family atmosphere was lovely with young and old having a good time. If you did not get to camp this year I would encourage you to make it a priority next year.

I got a letter from someone that came to camp and thought I would share a little bit with you all.

I don’t remember the details of going to church in my pre-high school days, I don’t remember the sermons or hearing wise speakers, but what I do remember is the emotions and feelings associated with church activities and going to numerous camps. I have a warm, fuzzy, secure feeling and   memory from those camps. A safe place to be, where I was welcomed, accepted and loved just as I was. I could learn more about Jesus, I could leap around loudly singing and worshipping him, a growing, maturing, stretching in faith time and to see Jesus   reflected in those around me. I treasure those memories and the part they have played in my faith journey. I want my kids to have those same experiences and hopefully they lead to great memories and ‘marker posts’ in their own faith journeys – I pray so.

Thank you very much to the whole team who helped to put together the camp. I have something to take away from each of the speakers, the music was great and food too and the children and youth programmes were much appreciated also. Having been involved in the organisation to put a camp together, I know how much time and energy is needed to pull it all together. Our family had a great time, thank you all for putting in the effort, may you all have been blessed as much as we were.

I will be away this week in Auckland for a leadership course I have signed up for. Jonathan will be in charge and if you need anything you can call him.

The AGM is not far away now. Please put 7.00pm Thursday 19 March for the AGM in your diaries. We are looking for a couple of new people to come on vestry. If you are interested speak to me or the wardens.


Yours in Christ



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