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Good morning and a warm welcome to all. If you are visiting with us we would love to get to know you. Please feel free to stay for a hot drink after the service.

Thanks to Fred Greg how will be preaching and celebrating today, as I am at Church camp.

From Michele McDonald …

The Diocese has decided to implement the ‘Safe Here’ Training and guidelines and Phil has asked me to be the ‘Safe Here’ Coordinator for St Barnabas. My role as Coordinator will be to complete the administrative side of things, to support the implementation of the ‘Safe Here’ system and to help train or arrange training for St Barnabas parishioners who are helping in Ministry with children, youth and the elderly.

What does this mean for me?

There will be some changes to the procedures around how we provide Ministry. These will occur over time. To get started, a few things will occur starting this term, including:

For Parents of Children:
In the next few weeks, families with children participating in Crèche, Sunday Club and the Sunday Youth will be asked to sign an annual form giving written permission for their children to attend these programmes.

There will be a sign in and out sheet for Crèche and Sunday Club. Could  parents please drop off their children to the programmes, and collect their children from these groups at the end of the church service.

For those helping in these Ministries:
There will be a minimum of 2 helpers in crèche and in Sunday Club each week. To achieve this there will be a request for more people to join the crèche and Sunday Club teams – please see Greta if you are interested.

There will be training about ‘Safe Here’ for those helping in these Ministries. More details will follow.

Those who are already involved in the children and youth Ministries, you will be asked to fill out forms for a Police Check and a volunteer application form. This is part of the ‘Safe Here’ system.

I will be developing ‘Safe Here’ information folders for people helping in these Ministries including forms and other relevant paperwork.

I realise that this may sound like a lot of change! I ask for your patience, support and understanding as we implement the ‘Safe Here’ system and I would like to ask for prayer for those involved in starting to put this system into action at St Barnabas. Please talk to me if you have any questions, Phone. 548 3062.


Yours in Christ


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