The Inside Column 14/12

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Good morning and a warm welcome to all. If you are visiting with us we would love to get to know you after the service. Please feel free to stay for a hot drink.

This term started strongly with Spring Camp, with eight youth attending. It was great to see that all had fun and a couple really committed themselves to placing God at the centre of their lives responding to a message of ‘the riches of his grace.’

College aged youth from church continue meeting every second Wednesday evening from 7.00-9.00pm at Debbie and Lloyd Munroe’s house. There we share a game, study and supper together. We have looked at the themes of our mission, our purpose, our identity and the love of God for us. These themes have followed on and extend upon youth alpha teaching which we did earlier in the year. We completed the term last Wednesday with the theme ‘Sealed by the Spirit.’

The community youth work team has changed this term with two new youth workers joining us. Maria Takai and Baukje McCorkindale now run the Girl’s Night group which happens on Monday evenings. Our team also consists of Robin Westley and Namu Rangi. Robin helps with the Boy’s night on Tuesday and Namu continues to work on our afterschool youth programme – Wednesday Thursday and Friday afternoons. We also continue to work with ‘The Truck’ on Thursday afternoons, we have been doing some activities on the front lawn together at St Barnabas during this term. Victoria Askin has finished last week in her important role as a Friday night youth group leader. Thanks Victoria! – All the best in where ever God takes you from here.

St Barnabas Church have received $10 000 funding from the Canterbury Community Trust to use toward funding community worker wages at St Barnabas. This is to be used by October 2015. We continue to thank God and others for provision and support toward this community work.

The local community youth hosted a successful meal on Monday 1 December catering for a two course meal for 28 people. They were nervous but determined to thank personally those who have supported them with meals, biscuits and gifts of food. To their credit they did this well! They enjoyed talking with those who came, meeting the people who have shown care and love for them in this way. Thank you for all your support in sharing the love of Christ in the lives of young people in Stoke and within our congregation.

Yours in Christ


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