The Inside Column 9/11

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Good morning and a warm welcome to all.

If you are visiting with us we would love to get to know you after the service. Please feel free to stay for a hot drink.

Where is God? Sometimes this question seems more pressing than at other times. We know as believers that God is interested in creation and has come to share his love with us through his son Jesus. God promises us an inheritance as adopted family members in union with him eternally.

This is great but what about the challenges of suffering and pain, the  trials and temptations that we live in and experience now? Why is it, that some people seem to speak about talking to God as if he is a friend that is always there, and other say that they struggle to hear his voice? Why is it that sometimes people feel close or nearer to God… and yet at other times feel distant or unable to hear his voice?

These questions are important. Today I want us to consider together the genuine challenge of hearing God. Specifically I want to look at the difference between God’s character and our feelings and perceptions during hard times.

Our feelings (by themselves) should not direct our understanding of God but they do often direct our perception of God’s character. At times we can feel isolated from the love of God, even though we know that God promises to loves us. We know we should trust in the promises of God. There is integrity in God’s promise that he loves us however this can seem like little comfort when life is painful and   disappointing we can feel like God is not near or is silent.

Our circumstances, perceptions and feelings can change but the love of God for us does not. When the rubber hits the road we often struggle during hard or dry times in life, when we feel distant and isolated from God. It is during these times that there exists a great opportunity for the depth of our knowledge of God’s character to mature and deepen. As we rely upon God, we learn to know more of him.





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