The Inside Column 13/07

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to you all. If you are a visitor we hope you will stay for a cuppa after the service.

This morning Greta and I are up at the lake celebrating with Jonathan and Lucy at their wedding. I will be back in the office tomorrow.

Last week we looked at a New Heart, and how if we are to have new hearts it has to affect the way we live. It will change our priorities, and lead us to New Purpose.
Today Marianne James is speaking to us about New Purpose. Marianne does a great job in her role as Rest Home Chaplain and is also heavily involved in helping at the Hospital.

Quiz Night – Quiz Night – Quiz Night -Quiz Night
Our Quiz night is coming up fast, get you team booked in now. On Friday the 25 July starting at 7.00pm we will be running our world famous (in Stoke) Quiz night. The cost this year is $100 for a team of up to 8 people, with all the profits going to support the work of the church and the work that Jonathan is involved in with Stoke Youth. The opportunity for us to bring some friends, some people from work to the church and for them to have a great fun night. The Quiz night is a fun night out get your team book in now.

We are also looking for some prizes for the prizes table – a nice Bottle of wine, ask your boss for a donation, we have had people give their baches for a weekend stay for us to
auction off. It all helps. Tickets from David in the church office.

I came across this story this week…
A farmer was once sitting on his front porch when a friend dropped by to visit. “How’s your wheat going this year?” asked the visitor.
“Ain’t got any” replied the farmer. “I didn’t plant any. I’m afraid the weevil will get into it and ruin me.”
“Oh, well how’s your corn?”
“Ain’t got any” replied the farmer. “I didn’t plant any. I’m afraid the crows will eat it all up and ruin me.”
“Oh, well how are your potatoes going?”
“Ain’t got any” replied the farmer. “I didn’t plant any. I’m afraid the tater bugs will poison them and ruin me.”
“Well, what did you plant this year?” asked the confused visitor.
“Nuthin'” replied the farmer. “I just played it safe.”

What are we willing to plant for God’s Kingdom or will we play in safe? Something to think about.

God Bless


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