The Inside Column 15/6

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

Isn’t it great news that Phillip Greenwood is going to become the vicar of the St Barnabas Parish! It gives a strength and direction to the parish, and shall enable us to walk forward with purpose together under the leadership of Philip. Exciting times!

It was nice to have the Bishop here at Pentecost. He did well preaching while coping with a solid head cold as well – it certainly seems to be going around at the moment. Our youth programme workers have not been exempt either, with Antonia particularly being unwell for the last couple of weeks.

The second term has bought some great challenges with running the youth programme as some specific behaviours around about in the community have caused me to lose a bit of hair. Please pray for wisdom and the imparting of God’s Spirit, that these people may come to truly know God’s heart for them.

Thank you on behalf of all the youth for your generous support toward the 40hour famine. We have met and surpassed our fundraising target as a result of your generosity. Between all the youth group members and yourselves we have raised a total of approximately $470. A good effort!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. - Jonathan

We never outlive our need to grow spiritually and be part of a worshipping community, the fundamental dynamic of worship being to praise God for God’s sake.
True worship may be experienced at any time and in any place, for some being alone with nature, for others as they go about their daily work but when we meet together in worship it is possible to share a wider and deeper vision.

For the frail elderly who find it hard to attend church we must take church to them to help not only fulfil this need to worship but to find joy therein. Partaking of Communion speaks very powerfully to these people and familiar music and prayer is often deeply engraved in the soul and can be of great comfort.

Often when we start singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ or the 23rd Psalm or praying the Lord’s prayer people who rarely speak will join in. We need to remind them that God follows you wherever you go and you are loved in the community where you now live.

At Whareama we hold a Communion service each Wednesday and Sunday at 11.00am and if anyone wishes to join us they would be most welcome.

Yours in Christ – Angela

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