The Inside Column 8/6

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

Today it is our pleasure to have Bishop Richard with us. Richard has just got back from General Synod where he and others where putting their case forward for an orthodox traditional view of marriage, and sexuality. This is no small thing and has created a great deal of stress and division. We need to keep Richard and Hilary in our prayers us they are in the front line of this current debate. I am also very thankful to Richard as he leads the Diocese. He is an empowering leader whose heart is to see the Church grow and become all it can be in the communities we are placed in.

Tonight starting from 6.00pm we have a combined churches Pentecost service. This event will be a bit different from what we might normally do at Pentecost. There will be several different stations for us to interact with – thanksgiving, prayer, forgiveness, communion, confession and silent reflection. The idea is that we stop at the different stations and focus on hearing from God through different channels. The doors open at 6.00pm and all are welcome to come any time onwards until 8.00pm

We are planning on having a combined celebration services on Sunday 29 June. This service will start with a breakfast from 9.00am with the church service starting at 9.45am. I would love everyone that can attend, to come to the breakfast this is an important time of sharing together, getting to know each other from the two congregations, to spend some time talking at a deeper level. Of course there will also be a great breakfast to enjoy!

The Marriage Course is up to week 5. There are 9 couples attending the course and by all accounts the course is going very well. Glynne and Gina Suckling are leading the course with the help of Pam Smith and Matt McDonald. Last week Glynne played an intro You Tube video clip by Christian comedian Tim Hawkins “Things you don’t say to your wife” Very funny! Keep the leaders and the people doing the course in your prayers.

Future dates to keep free – Quiz Night Friday 25 July and Church Fair Saturday 1 November.

God Bless,


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