The Inside Column 18/5

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Good Morning and a very warm welcome to all.

The marriage course started this week. Please pray for this course and all attending that their marriages will be strengthened and the course will run smoothly. It’s not too late for you to invite some people you know, if you can’t bring someone but would like to be involved, you could offer to help one night in the kitchen helping serve and doing the dishes. If you would like to make a donation for the running costs of the course that would be very helpful as well as we are trying to make it affordable to everyone. Maybe you would like to sponsor a couple? We have had one couple that could not afford to do the course that have been sponsored through the generous support from some people in the church. We are blessed to be a blessing to others.

We have been looking at the theme the Big Mission of God. Does God have a mission? What might that mission be? How do we fit in the mission? How do we live out the mission? What are the benefits of being involved in the mission? We are going to be taking passages from all over the Bible to see the big picture of the Mission of God. Today we are going to start to look at what it means to be a blessing to the world.

Last week Vestry approved the purchase of some new carpet tiles for the church foyer, and the crèche. This will happen in the next school holidays. We have a bit of touching up of the paint in the foyer to be done before the tiles are laid. The other thing that was approved was a curtain between the Chapel and the Church. This will help by reducing the area we need to heat making it easier to heat the church and also reduce our heating costs. The curtain will only be pulled in the winter time the other 90% of the time it will be open so we can see the Chapel.

I would still like to hear from you if you would like a certain topic preached on or a theme you might like to look at. Drop me a note at the office.

The food bank is starting to look full again. Thank you to all the people that have brought in canned food over the last couple of weeks. Thank you also to the people that have been making meals for the youth – they really do appreciate it.

Yours in Christ


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