The Inside Column 11/5

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Good Morning and a very warm welcome to all.

The marriage course starts this week. It looks like we will have a full house with up to ten couples coming. Please pray for this course and all attending that their marriages will be strengthened and the course will run smoothly.

In our new preaching series we are looking at the big Mission of God. Last week we looked at Creator God, a God that calls us to relationship for his pleasure, and a God that calls a person, then a people for his mission. Already we see two strings of the same bow developing; a relationship with God and being called to go and bring blessing to the world. Sometimes these two worlds collide.

Every child learns to live in at least two worlds, and learns also how awkward it can be when the two worlds collide. When we are at home we are with the family, where we speak in a certain way and behave in certain ways. But then when we are at school there are different routines, different topics of conversation and ways of speaking about them. Then comes the dreaded time when the parents come into school and when children become embarrassed. I think the embarrassment comes because there two worlds collide and they don’t know how to act.

Of course it doesn’t just happen with parents coming into school. A similarly strange moment occurs when you’re out shopping with a parent and, lo and behold, there is one of the teachers from school, buying groceries in the supermarket just like anyone else. And you don’t quite know what to say. The two worlds aren’t supposed to meet in that way.

We live in several different worlds, each with its own expectations. Do we change colour with our environment, or do we feel the embarrassment of these worlds colliding?

Jesus came to bring the life of heaven and earth together. “Thy kingdom come,” he taught us to pray, “On earth as in Heaven”. We are called to be disciples to bring heaven to earth, to be a blessing to the world.

Over the next couple of weeks as we look at the big mission of God, take time to think about the different worlds we live in and to consider the mission we are called to play our part in. Is there a conflict? Do we need to change the way we act, talk, live? This is the challenge of being salt and light in a dark world!

Yours in Christ


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