The Inside Column 6/4

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Good Morning and a very warm welcome to all.

Today we are looking at an interesting part of Mark’s gospel, the anointing of Jesus prior to his crucifixion. Today we hope to focus on the different responses to Jesus by the people in the story. In this part of the gospel Jesus points toward the importance of the coming events. He also stakes out the importance of his identity, prioritising it. A woman anoints him with expensive perfume, a personal response of love and gratitude to Jesus. Those around publicly criticise her for this extravagant action.

When we know who Jesus is – the Messiah, our Lord – her generous response is justified and indeed a fitting response. God gave his all for us to be free from sin and know him, living in his love. Christ goes toward death on the cross for us. Acknowledging and responding to Jesus is what we are called to do (something worth regularly considering).

Thank you to Helen Webber who is coordinating a roster for making meals in order to support the community youth groups. Thank you also to all who have decided to help provide meals for the Boy’s and Girl’s Night evening groups. This is a way we can share practical love.

The St Barnabas Youth have started Youth Alpha this term on Wednesday evenings. I am excited about the potential of this course to help introduce young people to the gospel and strengthen them in the knowledge of Jesus. The course gives an opportunity to respond to Jesus’  loving call to follow him. I hope you will be able to pray for the youth doing it, that they may grow in depth and knowledge, capturing the relevance of God’s call in their lives.

A quick update on me: For those unaware, I have had some surgery on my right foot to repair a broken big toe which had not healed properly from a soccer injury last year. This has slowed the start of the year significantly for me. I am looking forward to recovering by the middle of the year. Speaking of which the middle of the year… this is the time when Lucy and I are planning on getting married. We are going to do this at Lake Rotoiti chapel. Family and friends will be there with us, but due to venue size, we are not able to have many people there to join us there on the day… Sooo… to share this event with our church family we are planning to have a Celebration Morning Tea between the two services on Sunday 6 July (the weekend before our wedding). Please join us.

Thank you one and all for your ongoing support, prayer and love which you share with one another and also the youth of the church and Stoke area. It is humbling to be a part of this venture in Christ together.



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