The Inside Column 26/1

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Good Morning and a very warm welcome to all.

If you are visiting with us today we pray you will feel at home here at St Barnabas. Please make yourself known and feel welcome to stay for tea or coffee after the service.

It’s good to be back. I have had a good couple of weeks off, time with the family in Golden Bay and up at the lake. We do live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country – if not the world. I hope you all managed to get away with family and  friends for a bit of a break.

Three weeks until Convergence Camp. If you have not signed up yet, get in now. There are only tent and caravan sites left. We have about 130 people registered staying at the camp with lots of people coming out for day visits. If you are not sure about coming I encourage you to come as camps can be a very special time in people’s lives. My experience is that God has spoken and moved in my life when I have taken the time to come away with a bunch of other Christians. I think it is also a great way to get to know each other in a much deeper way as we  have time to eat together and talk in a way that just does not happen on a Sunday morning at church.

Are you looking for a new challenge for the year? We will be needing some more Church and Sunday Club helpers for the coming year. We have a great team of people that help to run both these groups, so if you would like to get involved you would be on a roster only have to help once a month. These groups are a great opportunity of us to minister to children and help them to build a lifelong relationship with Jesus. If you would like to help please give me a call at the office.

At the start of a new year I would like to encourage you to maybe think about joining a Home Group. I have found that it is in the small group where we can get to know people in a deeper way. It is in this environment  where we can be challenged and stretched in our faith, we can pray and be prayed for and it where we can have a lot of fun. It was Jesus that started his ministry with a small group, and it was where the disciples heard and discussed the teachings of Jesus. There a several different groups that meet at various times and places. If there is not one that suits you then why not think about starting your own home group. Call the office for more info.

Lastly, our thoughts and prayers and our love are with Marie Dale at this time with the loss of Laurie last week. Please keep Marie and the family in your prayers at this time.


God Bless


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