The Inside Column 24/11

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Good morning and a warm welcome to all.


Good News! In support of the youth programme we have brought a Van!  The boys and girls nights that meet weekly in the evening have been in need of a good and reliable means of transport for the last several weeks. Jonathan has up to this point has had to borrow a van, and this has not always been the easiest thing to do. 


As part of the programme they like to get the youth out of Stoke and get them to do something they might not normally have the chance to, like go to Rabbit Island, or Cable Bay. This might not sound like much but for some of this youth this is a big adventure.


This van is a real answer to prayer. Both Jonathan and I prayed a couple of weeks back that we would be able to get a van at little cost that would be reliable and safe. Well, this is exactly what happened  – not only did we get the van but we had two very generous donations that have meet the purchase cost in full. Praise God!  The van will be primarily for the youth programme but can be used by other groups in the church when available. 


Shine– Carols on the Lawn is on Wednesday 11 December starting at 6.00pm.
This is a great opportunity for us to bring friends and family that might not normally come to church. We have the Brass Band to lead the carols, the BBQ will be fired up. Why not pack a picnic dinner, invite everyone you know and come and have a great night?


Today we will be looking at the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Points of interest…


This miracle when Jesus feeds 5000 is recorded in all four Gospels, with only slight differences in details. It is a separate incident from the feeding of the 4,000. Only the men were counted in this story. When the women and children were added, the crowd probably numbered over 10,000. These Jews were as “lost” as their ancestors who wandered in the desert during the Exodus, when God provided manna to feed them. The 12 baskets of leftovers may symbolise the 12 tribes of Israel. 


God Bless

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