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A good morning to all!

A quick update about the St Barnabas Youth Programmes. There are three strands to our youth initiatives:

Community Youth – This involves two youth workers running a drop in group at St Barnabas hall and youth lounge Wed/Thursday/Friday 3:15-5:15pm. We provide some food, hot drinks and a comfortable place where young adults of college age (12-18yrs) can hang out safely in Stoke. We partner with the NCC youth recreation service (called The Truck) in offering pool, table tennis, basketball, hockey and computers alongside other activities for those who come along.

Boy’s and Girl’s Night – These two groups are gender specific. 6-10 college aged youth meet weekly to do a supervised activity and have a meal provided as part of the evening. Role modelling, mentoring and being just there to care are important aspects of this.

St Barnabas Youth Group – The focus of this group is on calling young people to be disciples. It involves teaching on Sunday mornings and events on Friday evenings, including linking in with the regional local church through combined events with other youth groups and connecting with the wider church events such as Easter Camp in Christchurch.

Our youth programmes need your support in providing food for the Girl’s and Boy’s evening groups. Some people may be able and willing to go on a roster to provide a pre-made meal once a month, this would be a great help for this term. Others may be able to donating some ingredients towards the meals. Both will be very much appreciated! The meals are needed on Monday (Girl’s) and Tuesday (Boy’s) nights.

Anyone interested in being involved please meet with me this Sunday directly after the service. We will discuss and plan out a meal preparation roster for those interested in making the meals for this term. There is a list of ingredients to donate on the foyer notice board.

This initiative is going to have us working together more as a team. This may take us a few weeks to get into the swing of things, but it will be worth it! If people have recipes or other donations of food or resources please come and share/discuss it with me. If you are not able to support in giving food or making meals, don’t worry, please support us in prayer. Thank you.

Prayer requests: We have 8 youth heading along to Spring Camp this year! Half of these people have never been before. Please pray that these people will connect with God and one another during this time and also for safety, for the leaders’ sanity and apt words for the speakers. Pray that God may be embraced at Spring Camp this year.


Have a great week


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