The Inside Column 13/10

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all, if you are visiting we hope you feel at home, and we would love you to stay for a hot drink at the end of the service.

I hope those of you that got away for a holiday with the family these school holidays had a good time. Maybe the grandchildren have been to stay and turned the house upside down!

Having spent the last week in Christchurch I was reminded again of how what we take as normal, – homes, buildings, work, roads and family can so easily just not be there, and how we can take all of these things for granted. It is good to be reminded to be thankful for all the things we have and not take them for granted.

We continue our preaching series from Mark’s Gospel today. Thanks to Eric for preaching last week on “New wine in new wine skins”. This week we move from Mark laying the foundations of who Jesus is, to the miracles Jesus does. We read that Jesus’ ministry attracts many followers and many people that want Jesus dead. The miracle stories become increasingly longer and more elaborate, emphasizing the supernatural power of Jesus’ authority. Mark says that “even wind and sea obey him”. Simultaneously, Jesus becomes increasingly misunderstood and rejected, even by his own apostles. Jesus notes his disciples’ frequent misunderstandings of his message. Jesus’ power continues to reveal itself in his control over nature: he calms a storm, cures a man possessed by a demon, and revives a dead young girl. Despite his successes, however, he continues to be rejected in his own hometown of Nazareth.

By the time you read this i will have been to Synod and hopefully survived. There are a couple of big issues on the table this year. The most controversial is about the right of clergy to marry people now the government has changed the definition of marriage. The other is how to ensure that churches are safe places for our children and how we can best keep them safe.

The Bishop is off to Nairobi for the Global African Future Conference (GAFCON) which runs from 21 October to 26 October. Please keep him in your prayers.


Don’t forget the church fair and the signup helper’s sheet in the foyer, the white Elephant, and the home baking.


Have a great week


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