The Inside Column 29/9

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all, if you are visiting we hope you feel at home, and we would love you to stay for a hot drink at the end of the service.

It is time to get ready. The church fair is not far away now. Time to clean out that spare room or the shed. If you have some stuff to bring in for the and want to drop it off to the Hall, ring the office beforehand to make sure someone is available to open the hall. If you need someone to come around with a trailer and pick stuff up then we are happy to come and help.

You might want to start doing some home baking and freezing it for the cake stall. We will be running the big food raffle again, so if you have a non perishable food item to contribute, or quality items for prizes for other raffles, there will be a box in the foyer to put items in.

Please keep Saturday 2 November free to come along and help on the day. We will need people to help set up and run stalls, and people to help pack everything up again, This is our major fundraiser for the year, and the more people that can help the easier it is on everyone.


We continue our series out of Mark’s Gospel. Mark is such a good book to help us build a deeper relationship with Jesus. It allows us to get to know Him as the Christ and then understand what it means to be one of his disciples.


So far Mark has laid out his case for     Jesus being the Christ:

1.   Mark 1:1 – This Jesus is the Christ the Son of God through whom

salvation comes

Mark 1:2-8 – This is attested to by

John the Baptist.

3.   Mark 1:9-13 – Jesus’ identity is

established in God and his

temptation reflects the work of his

ministry in overcoming sin.


Now that he has laid a good foundation for Jesus being the Christ, Mark moves into Jesus’ ministry and the call to follow Him.


I will be away this week in Christchurch and when I get back I will be off to synod in Picton for three days.

David will be in the church office Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday if you have any enquiries or want to drop off stuff for the fair.

Please note there will be no prayer meeting for the next two weeks, but do keep Synod in you prayers.


Have a great week!

Yours in Christ,



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