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Good morning and welcome to church today.


I want to update and share with you all some great news. Recently we have had some local community youth starting to come along to the St Barnabas youth group meetings on Friday nights. This is very exciting and is an answer to prayer!

It is amazing that community youth from the area want to come along to youth group. This is an opportunity for us to become involved in the lives of others.


The transitioning of new people to a group can be difficult, particularly if these people struggle or are different in the way they speak and act.   It is vital to recognize this seeming challenge is actually also a great opportunity to teach and share about who we are to be in Christ and to be a Christian witness in the way we act    among all we meet.


Looking toward the third term we will continue with a fortnightly meeting that combines with other youth groups and will also have a lower key night on the other Fridays that may link to a band practice and a hangout time/activity.


I am excited about the challenge and task of teaching more of the good news Jesus brings  to our young people. I am also encouraged by a heart to hear from God in the young people of this congregation. They do not shy away from asking hard questions either!


Please pray for our youth. They are confronted by so many sources of information, and different options. Pray for God’s work of discipleship in their hearts.


Looking ahead there is spring camp coming up early in the fourth term. This camp opens up the opportunity to potentially sponsor some of the community youth to come along and hear some biblical teaching, experience hanging out with Christian youth and the fun of the challenge for the Bishop’s Log.


The dates for Spring Camp is 25 – 28 October. There should be some good opportunities for input into the lives of young people along with sharing time together. I will be doing a bit of speaking one of the mornings, there are also a number of other great speakers travelling to be at camp and share with us.


Thank you for your prayers, support and fellowship as a community committed to  following Jesus together.


Have a great week!



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