The Inside Column 16/6

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all. If you are visiting us today we hope you feel at home and can stay for a hot drink after the service.

We have started a new teaching series in our Sunday services, working our way through the New Testament letter to the Galatians and seeing how it connects with our lives today.

Eugene Peterson sets the scene for Paul’s letter to the Galatian churches like this:

‘Paul of  Tarsus was doing his diligent best to add yet another chapter to this dreary history (of religious manipulation and coercion) when he was converted by Jesus to something radically and entirely different – a free life in God. Through Jesus, Paul learned that God was not an impersonal force to be used to make people behave in certain prescribed ways, but a personal   Saviour who sets us free to live a free life. God does not coerce us from without, but sets us free from within.’

So in this series we’ll be looking at what this free life in God looks like, how different it is from ‘religious manipulation and coercion’ and how to embrace and live out this free life in God.

Jonathan Wasley is our new Curate. Bishop Richard has asked if Jonathan can do his Curacy here with us at St Barnabas and the Vestry meeting it was agreed that we thought this was a great idea too. Jonathan has been working with the youth in our community and with the church youth group for the last year and has been doing a fantastic job. At last week’s youth group fortnightly get together for the first time they had a bunch of youth associated with his work at House 44 attend. It takes a long time to build relationships with youth from outside the church, so I am very happy that we will have Jonathan carrying on this work. He will all so be given some other tasks as well that will help him to grow in his calling to the church. I don’t have to ask that you keep praying and supporting Jonathan because I know that you do and will continue to do so.

Remember Friday the 5th of July is the night of the quiz night fundraiser. Get you team together for a great night of fun. If you or someone you know would like to make a donation for the prize table that would be great too.

If you are under the weather and would like some soup, please let us know and the pastoral care team will be more than happy to help.


I pray you have a great week


Yours in Christ


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