The Inside Column 28/4

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

If you are visiting with us today, we hope you feel at home and that you enjoy worshipping with us.

How do we get more intimate with God? I wonder how do we really get our minds and hearts into a space and place where we genuinely know more of God. Knowledge is a measure of knowing, but when it comes to knowing a person, facts and figures alone are not enough. Knowledge is also a sharing. Intimacy is formed out of a sharing of history, sharing another person’s hopes, their desires, their dreams and disappointments (to some degree at least).

What relevance the Word of God through scripture has to us in our lives, is closely linked to our intimacy and deeper knowing of God. Scripture holds a special place; inspired by the Holy Spirit, given as a gift, we encounter the very word of God expressed to us. This is not popular and is often misunderstood or rejected by the world today. Think about it… If the creator of the entire world spoke, wouldn’t you want to hear what was being said? It is sad that we are given this gift and yet we leave it on the shelf, we simply cannot see the point of the work and struggle it might take to learn more of scripture. As a result, we can often struggle to find intimacy with God. Don’t get me wrong, you can know a lot about the Bible and still miss the point of it all. Yet in His mercy God has spoken and as we submit our lives to this mercy, by living lives that obey the word of God given in scripture, we are transformed. We become new, redeemed, holy people – growing in intimacy as we live lives shaped by the very words of God.

Does this sound like your average Bible Study? To reclaim a passion for scripture and put it back into its right place in our lives, we must ask ourselves “Why should we bother to study/read it in the first place?”

Yours in Christ


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