The Inside Column 27/1

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

I hope you all had a good break over the Christmas holidays, with plenty of fun and family time. I had a very good break with lots of fishing and activities with the family. Thank you to everyone that helped with the running of the church over the last four Sundays. I hear that Marianne and Jonathan both did great jobs leading and preaching, so a big thank you to them.

Well, we have started a New Year and at this time of the year I always think of what is ahead of us in the coming months and where will we be in a year’s time. Are we doing what God wants us to be doing? Are we growing spiritually?

With these thoughts in mind we will be looking over the next couple of weeks at mission and church. We will be using Hebrews as our text. Both Greta and I had the opportunity to visit a couple of other churches over the holidays and saw how they did things. This made me ask a couple of questions about what it means to be a church and why we do the things we do at church.

So as we look through Hebrews over the next couple of weeks I would like to challenge you to think about what church means to you. Why do you give up your Sunday mornings and what has God called you to this year?

Bishop Richard is ministering at both services on Sunday 18 February. Victoria Askin will be starting with us on the same day. Victoria is in her second year at BTC studying for a Theological Degree, and will be working with us as a worship intern and will also be helping Jonathan with the youth. Having a intern is a great way for us to support the Bible Collage, and a great way for Victoria to gain experience working for a church. I know we will give her a really warm welcome and make her feel at home here.

Marianne James takes up the role of Rest Homes Pastoral Care Chaplaincy in February. Please pray for this ministry.

For your information we have rented out the Vicarage to a Christian family. Please respect their privacy. They do not have keys to the church and the gate adjacent to the church foyer is locked.
If you need access to the church outside of office hours please contact David during office hours to arrange for a key.

Yours in Christ


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