The Inside Column 25/11

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.


Today we come to the end of our series from the Minor Prophets. We have looked at Hosea, Jonah, Amos, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Haggai, and today we will be looking at Malachi.

We have read about different aspects of God’s nature, a God of amazing power and justice, a God of love and intimacy, a God calling his people back to himself, a God that never gives up on his people, even when they keep rejecting him over and over again. We have not looked at all the Minor Prophets so you might want to read through the books we have not covered as part of  your own devotions.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the family and I are off to New Wine as part of our summer holidays. I have heard from others that have gone and  had a amazing time so we are excited to be going for the first time. These summer    festivals are a chance to get together for five days and encounter God through worship, teaching and ministry. New Wine Kaiapoi commences on the evening of Wednesday 16th and finishes midday on Sunday 20th. We would love others to think about coming too. Check out the web site  or email

As Christmas approaches we think about gifts and celebration. Once again we are asking for donations for House44, particularly toiletries (deodorant, body spray, after shave, lotions, soaps etc) for  Christmas gifts. We are also collecting canned food for families in need. There is a House44 Christmas Box in the Foyer.

Remember to mark on your calendar  Tuesday 18 December for Shine –Carols on the Lawn.  We have an exciting event planned with a Brass Band, two other bands, ‘the truck‘ (youth activities), a bouncy castle, and BBQ and any donations will be in support of the Stoke Youth Project. This is a way for us to celebrate Christmas together and support  our friends and community.

Jonathan’s Graduation Ceremony is on Friday 14 December at 7.00pm  at the Cathedral. I know Jonathan has worked hard in his studies and would love to see as many as can, attend to see him and others graduate.


Yours in Christ



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