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Hello there all, this is a bit of a Youth update.

House 44 Things are going ok around at House 44. I am still involved in weekly groups with  youth on Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesday nights too. Jane Worthington, the House 44 Manager is going to be leaving at the end of the year, this will bring more change. Jane has put a significant amount of energy into her role as manager. Please pray for the person who will be appointed to this position once she leaves. We are asking for donations of toiletries for Christmas presents for the teenage youth (ages 13-18). Any gift donations can be left in the foyer or the church office, thanks.

Community Youth Group ‘The Truck’… the what? The Truck is an initiative by the Nelson City Council aimed at linking youth with sporting and recreation activities. At the moment, this means that on Thursday afternoons between 3-6pm the Truck turns up to the Stoke Youth and shares their gear – including wireless internet, Xbox 360 on a 52 inch screen, basketball and some other games! A 3-a-side ‘Uni Hock’ tournament is being run as part of this.

St Barnabas Youth Spring Camp was a great time! There were some games, some worship, teaching, prayer, water bombs, fun times and food. Each year the four diocese areas of the West Coast, Waimea, Nelson and Marlborough join to together their respective youth groups, battling it out to win the ‘Bishops Log’ (an esteemed and very prestigious piece of wood)… this year Nelson came second equal! Marlborough ended up winning it – we were in the lead before the musical finale challenge. It would seem that Gangnam style lost out to Justin Bieber, clearly the judges must have been big Bieber fans! Oh well, next year team :o)! Speaking of next year… we are hoping to travel down to Christchurch to go to the Southern Easter Camp ’13, where over 3000 youth gather to hear the story of Easter and enjoy     fellowship. Though camps are expensive, they can be a highly valuable point of connection and spiritual growth for youth. If you need support in getting your teenager there come and talk to me. 2013 Easter is early, the last weekend of March, during the first term. We hope to combine with All Saints youth and travel down on a bus together. More details yet to come.

Study I have been head in the books for the last couple of months working hard to complete a   Clinical Pastoral Education programme alongside completing my final studies toward a degree in Theology. All things going well, (assuming I pass my research paper), graduation is on Friday 14 December.

Graduation. An open invitation is extended to all who would like to come along and attend the BTC graduation ceremony. It will be held on Friday 14 December, 7.00pm at the Cathedral.


Yours in Christ


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