The Inside Column 23/9

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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

We have started a new preaching series from the Minor Prophets. Over the next 10 weeks we will be look at what the Prophets tell us about God, and his love and forgiveness for his chosen people. Can I encourage you to read through the Minor Prophets. They are not very long books.

Today we will be looking at the Prophet Jonah, Jonah is almost certainly the best-known Minor Prophet. All kinds of children’s stories talk about Jonah and the whale. I even know a song (who did, who did, who did, swallowed Jonah? Whale did, Whale did, Whale did, swallowed Jonah) – don’t worry I won’t sing it. So anybody who has any kind of church background probably has some kind of idea about Jonah, but it’s pretty much an idea of it being a children’s story. There is of course a lot that we can learn from the book of Jonah. It is far more than just a children’s story.

Last week we started a new outreach at the Honest Lawyer with Tahunanui Church. The idea was to bring a friend have a drink and some food and ask “If God was here right now, what is the one question you would ask Him?” We had a good turn out and a great social time together, then we collected up the questions and over the next couple of weeks will try and to answer them.

I would like to say two things about this. Firstly this is a amazing opportunity for us as a church to reach out to our friends, family, work mates and I would hate anybody to miss out. Secondly this is core business for us as Christians. Jesus said in Mark 16:15  “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”  The Gospel meaning ‘good news’. We have the good news of hope and grace, and with all good news there is great joy in sharing it.

With this type of event you can join in at any time, bring a friend, buy them a drink and see what question they might ask, and what God might do in their lives.


Yours in Christ


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