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Good morning and a very warm welcome to all.

Allison Croft who recently completed a fund-raising marathon for Syrian churches is on  another mission adventure — this time to Africa. She has been in Pietermaritzburg, ( population 500,000),  inland from Durban, South Africa, since 11 August, and  returns to New Zealand  this weekend.

For the first week Allison was involved in the “CHOOSE-Zikhethele” Mission, an  evangelism campaign that swept across Pietermaritzburg, ended on a memorable note on Sunday, August 19, when more than 60 people trooped forward to either receive Jesus Christ as their saviour or to rededicate their Christian lives at a packed    Woodburn Rugby Stadium in the city.

The response came in the wake of an altar call after Dr. Michael Cassidy, the African Enterprise (AE) Founder, had given a powerful exposition of the famous Luke 15 Prodigal Son story and after AE’s outgoing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and International Team Leader, Stephen Lungu, complimented the preaching with a moving testimony of his life before and after salvation.

Yet another moving testimony had been given earlier by Dr. Stephen Mbogo, who has taken over as the new CEO and International Team Leader this week, during a Jubilee Gala Dinner in Pietermaritzburg.

Dubbed the Celebration Rally – to mark the successful conclusion of the week-long Mission and to usher in a long-term strategic plan of a sustained evangelism campaign in the city – the crowd-puller meeting lived up to its billing.

Top-notch musical bands and event managers were on hand. Earlier, a sizeable group of singing and jubilant people, some carrying banners proclaiming the majesty and the saving power of Jesus Christ,  joyously marched through some Pietermaritzburg streets, with the police controlling traffic, before the marchers entered the stadium.

A reminder that on Sunday 16 September at 5.00pm we will be hosting The Big Question discussion at the Honest Lawyer. You are invited to bring your non-churched friends to a place where they will feel comfortable, as we talk about faith and share the hope that we have in Christ.


Please take time to consider who you know that you could invite to this local missional event. Invitation cards to The Big Question are in the Foyer.


Yours in Christ


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